Translating science into policy is an important part of my work. Currently, I am a science consultant and technical writer for the California 30x30 Initiative and am broadly interested in conservation and climate policy at global, national, and sub-national scales.

A selected list of technical reports, white papers, and policy documents that I have contributed to writing can be found below:

Technical Reports, White papers, and Policy Briefs

  1. Bush, Nassikas, and Chapman. (2017). Forest Landscape Restoration in Costa Rica: A spatially explicit multi-criteria tool for policy management prioritization and cost-benefit analysis. Presented to Costa Rica Forest Financing Ministry. Available upon request.

  2. Cuthbert, Bush, Chapman, Ken, Neale, and Whitmore. (2016) Analysis of National Circumstances in the Context of REDD+ and Identification of REDD+ Abatement Levers on Papua New Guinea. Wildlife Conservation Society, Goroka, Papua New Guinea.

  3. Galbiati, L.A., and Botero, M., et al [including \textbf{Chapman, M.}]. (2017) “Prioritizing Areas for Reforestation of Private Lands in the Brazilian Amazon”. Policy Brief.

  4. “Advancing 30x30 and Protecting Biodiversity”. (2021) California Natural Resources Agency. https://www.californianature.ca.gov/.
    ^ role: lead technical writer

  5. “Pathways to 30x30 California: Accelerating Conservation of California’s Nature”. (2021) California Natural Resources Agency.
    ^ role: technical/scientific writer

  6. “Bioinformatics, Community Science, and Conservation Planning for 30x30 California”. (2021) California Biodiversity Network Appendix to California’s Pathways to 30x30 Document. (In prep)
    ^ role: lead technical writer

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